How to unblock on Instagram

Say you and your girlfriend/boyfriend just broke up and blocked each other from your Instagram account. After a week you want to talk to each other but you both have blocked each other and you want to unblock on instagram. You think Instagram as second Facebook and here is what you do

  • Log in to your Instagram account, go to settings and privacy, then click on ‘’blocked user’’ 
  • There you will see list of blocked users. Just click on the name of the person you want to unblock. Simple! 

But you can’t see your ex name on the list because he/she blocked you too from their Instagram account. In that case, you can not see three dots from the menu. Now you get into real trouble. But don’t worry! Here are some pro tips to get out of this trouble.

how to unblock on instagram


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How to Unblock Instagram when Both users blocked each other on Instagram.

If two people have blocked each other on Instagram, how can they be unblocked? Here are the 4 best methods to unblock.

  1. Using Two-way Block app
  2. Using the cleaner app
  3. Using the DM feature
  4. Using the comment feature

Using apps to unblock someone in two-way block

You can use these apps in two-way block.

Here is the link of this app

How to unblock someone on Instagram in two way block using the cleaner app:

With these two simple steps you can unblock "Two way block" anyone on Instagram using cleaner app.

  1. Login to your cleaner app using Instagram account details

    Login to cleaner app using your Instagram account details because this app needs your account permission

  2. Tap on Setting

    From the welcome screen, tap on “settings”, then tap “blocked users” here you will see all blocked users.  You can also multiple users at one time. This app also allows you to unfollow multiple Instagram accounts, remove multiple followers and delete multiple posts in just one click.

Cleaner app works best with these tips: 

  • Sometimes cleaner app allows you only one action and asks you to pay after one action or gives you an error. To perform most important unblock before you do anything else. 
  • Purchase premium version with just 2.9$ and enjoy unlimited actions! But do this at your own risk. 

Common errors and their solutions for Instagram Cleaner App

  • Login error: Sometimes cleaner app doesn’t let you log in to your Instagram account and gives you an unknown error. In that case, try logging in from another smartphone. 
  • Can’t see blocked user: if you are unable to see the unblocked user, you may need to give some time to Instagram server to do its part. After some time your profile will be visible to each other.
  • Blocked by another user: sometimes you unblock that person but you still remained blocked from their Instagram account. Ask them to unblock you 
  1. How to unblock someone on Instagram using DM feature?

    Log in to your Instagram account, click the plan icon, and send blocked user a message @[username] now you got a chat thread. Click the person’s profile from the chat. Tap three dots icon from the list and click “unblock”

  2. How to unblock someone on Instagram using the comment feature

    To unblock someone on Instagram, just mention them in the comment, then tap on their name, go to their profile, there you’ll see three dots. Select unblock from the menu. If you are still having problem, you may need to log out of your Instagram account and then log in again, search for the person to see you’ve unblocked each other or not. Comment your experience to let other users know what they can do in a similar situation.