With 1 billion users, Instagram has become a hub for online business promotion. People with plenty of instagram followers are using Instagram as two way income source. Roughly you can earn like 1000$ per photo if you have an instagram account with 100,000 followers or more! In this way, you get paid for your followers other than your brand promotion.

But it’s getting harder to gain Instagram followers since instagram has saturated like any other social media platform. However online services like optimization and marketing tools has made it easy for Instagram users to gain followers in no time. Instagram followers can be your potential customers and earn you credibility that is often linked with great numbers of followers and positive reviews.

You can also buy Instagram followers at affordable charges to grow your business overnight. But here are some other tips that you need to
retain those followers and be genuine at the same time.

  1. If you intend to buy Instagram followers make sure your account is safe and the company that provides you followers own a good reputation.
  2. Keep posting relevant content on your instagram account and use targeted keywords to catch your desired audience. On average, people publish 1 to 2 posts every day on their Instagram account. But if you are too busy to do this manually, you can use scheduling apps to automatically post content to your instagram account. Read here
  3. Interact with your customers, answer their quires and set up automatic responses to engage your customers.
  4. Discounts and special offers are used by all major brands to attract their audience. This will increase your sales volume and can be your marketing tool as well.
  5. Use online keyword analytics and trends to widen your discoverability. But you don’t necessarily need to rely on keywords and hashtags that are already trendy. You can create your own hashtags that you think people can search up. This will define your business accurately.
  6. 70% of Instagram users said they feel honored when a brand shares their post or mentions them on their page. This can be a good technique to earn reviews also and make your customers happy.
  7. You need to be active on Instagram to keep your followers active too. Keep thanking your followers, provide them free assistance and suggestions.
  8. Cross post your Instagram photos and stories on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to maximize your reach. But keep in mind that every platform has different parameters. Like on Instagram you need proper hashtags, trends on twitter and so on.
  9. Adding location on your Instagram account can help you reach your customers within your area. This works best if you are selling a service for a particular area.
  10. If you really want to stand out from the crowd in a saturated platform like Instagram, always create your content with our own unique theme. This will become your identity and won’t let people copy your content easily. Sometimes a unique color combination or background pattern can help and sometimes your unique font or logo can be your brand stamp.