Instagram blocked your account for NO REASON? Unintended Mistakes that get your Instagram account blocked

ones of Instagram users are complaining that Instagram is blocking their accounts for no reason. The worst part is that when you search for solutions to recover your blocked Instagram account, you come to know that you were blocked for scamming but actually you were not doing any scamming.
Lots of people don’t understand why is Instagram blocking them even they are not involved in scamming. In this article, I will tell you some secret reasons why Instagram blocks you for no reason. Once you completely understand Instagram’s untold policies you will never get blocked again because most of the time when you are blocked from one account and you make a new account but Instagram blocks your new account for no reason. I will talk about all unreasonable block cases.
Knowing Instagram policies is important because…
You may not be interested in reading Instagram policies but if you don’t know about Instagram policies, get ready to be blocked from Instagram for apparently no reason. Here are some basic policies of Instagram that you need to know.

How many times you can post on Instagram?

You can post 100 Instagram articles and 100 Instagram stories in one day but it’s safer to stay at a maximum of 60 posts per day.
Although it is recommended that you should post between 1 to 3 articles per day if you are running a business page. But it’s important to know the Instagram post limit.

What is the maximum limit of comments on Instagram?

Although you can post as many as 60 comments per hour from an Instagram account. You can get blocked by Instagram if you are replying to too many comments on your business account.

How many Instagram likes can you make in one hour?

Although like limit for Instagram is only one like in 30 seconds that means almost a hundred likes in an hour But 60 likes in 1 hour for an old Instagram account and 30 likes per hour for a new Instagram account is safer.

How many accounts you can follow on Instagram?

There is no hourly limit for followers on Instagram. You can follow only 7500 people on Instagram

How many hashtags you can use in the Instagram post?

You can take up to 20 people in your Instagram post

How many pictures can you post on Instagram post?

You can post only 10 pictures in a single Instagram post.

If you do not follow the above-mentioned questions of Instagram, Instagram can block you without actually being involved in spamming. Also, Instagram keeps changing its policies and limitations so you need to stay updated with Instagram new policies to avoid action blocked on Instagram.

Why Instagram block your new account without any reason?

You may have experienced that once Instagram blocks your account and you make a new account, Instagram blocks your new account too without any reason or notifying you. This is because Instagram has blocked your device called device block. In that case, you should reset your mobile or change your device you can also use Android Emulator when you are device blocked on Instagram
This is also my experience that if you get action blocks on Instagram you are definitely going to be permanently blocked from your Instagram account. It is safe to create a backup of your account when you get your first action block.

The best solution for any block is that you should create a new account keeping in mind all-action limits like comment limit per hour, like limit, followers limit, even unfollow limit. This may sound disappointing but it’s true that Instagram is very responsive to support queries and also it may take one day to several weeks to recover your blocked account.