Instagram is a powerful marketing tool these days. But you need a lot of likes to rock on Instagram. Some people buy Instagram followers but they don’t get desired post engagement.  With 10,000 followers on Instagram, you may get likes around 3000 per post because not all followers would like your post. Post engagement is affected by many factors and can be boosted with simple tricks and a little hard work. In this article, I will give your pro tips to increase your post engagement by up to 50% more than before. 

  1. Design Your Post

    With thousands of posts circulating over Instagram per day, you need to make your post more noticeable. You can do this with Instagram picture editing tool or any other tool with short text giving your picture a meaning. Post designs with the same theme can get you more followers than you think.

  2. Insert Link in Bio

    Instagram doesn’t allow you to put your website URL with photos.  Your customer may show interest in your business by seeing your photos on Instagram. They should get your website link in bio. It also appears when someone searches you on Instagram. A strong bio can widen your search.

  3. Email subscriptions

    When you get enough followers and you start noticing their engagement in posts, invite them for email subscriptions and offer them special discounts and deals every weekend or once in a month. This way your post engagement will also increase. For instance, one of your customers gets an email from your brand. If the deal clicks his mind, you will definitely look for more details, probably through comments and quires. 

  4. Be Natural And Patient

    Whenever you buy Instagram followers to increase the number, you need to be careful with your account safety. Make sure that you know how does the company that provides Instagram followers work. Buy Instagram followers after you’re fully satisfied. Once the followers are delivered to them, it’s your job to keep them active with your content and tactics.

  5. Maintain Your Uniqueness

    While everybody is busy following the trends, which is a good way to gain followers instantly but don’t forget your own objective of running an Instagram account. It takes time to gain followers with something unique or new. But it lasts more than trendy things that go up and down quickly.

  6. Focus on Quality

    Don’t fill your Instagram account with garbage to maintain the post ratio. Be selective and don’t run before quantity and numbers only. Remember, you have to be fair enough to last longer and to earn a good reputation.

  7. Use Hash-Tags Wisely

    Hashtags must be relevant to your post that you’re sharing. Be creative and funny to attract people.  I have seen many engineers commenting on medical videos just because they were interesting. People who are watching your content may or may not know your business. It’s your job to make them familiar and interested in your business. The best thing you can do to achieve this level of engagement in your post is to ask someone who knows nothing about your business before you post it on Instagram. If this sounds interesting to them, people are definitely going to like it.