Suppose you clicked a nice selfie and want to make if your Instagram profile picture but your Instagram disappoints you with this error ‘’sorry, we could not update your profile picture.  Please confirm you have an internet connection and try again in a moment” or shows you a blank screen, sometimes and you are unable to get your old Instagram profile picture. In this article, I have mentioned possibly all the solutions that I found on the internet and some new solutions that I have tried to fix my Instagram profile picture error.

Instagram won’t let you change my profile picture?

This can be due to number of reasons. Here are some common reasons and fixes.

You have included certain characters and links that are not allowed by Instagram. 

Edit your profile picture and remove any characters or links that are not allowed by Instagram.

You are using an old version of Instagram that is no more working. You may also come up with other errors in your Instagram account if you are using an older version of Instagram.

Go to play store, type Instagram and open the app. If you see ‘’update’’ it means you need to update your Instagram. Just tap update and then try re-uploading your Instagram profile picture.

You have updated your Instagram but your mobile phone is not updated. 

In that case, try updating your phone’s system and try again to upload your profile picture. 

Your internet connection is not good.

Turn off your mobile data and connect to your home Wifi. This should error that generally occurs due to a bad internet connection.

Some other fixes

  1. Go to settings > application manager > Instagram and tap on ‘’clear cache data’’. If this didn’t work, try clearing app data
  2. Delete your profile picture, log out of your Instagram account, and then log in again and try uploading your Instagram profile picture. 
  3. Select your Instagram profile picture, click ‘’edit profile’’ and then ‘’submit’’. This is so far the most powerful solution that I’ve tried. 
  4. Go to settings > application manager > Instagram and tap on ‘permissions’’ turn off all permissions including storage, camera, location, contacts and then turn all permission on again. This should fix the issue.
  5. Go to settings > application manager > Instagram and tap on ‘’force stop’’. Reopen your Instagram app and try uploading your profile picture again.
  6. If none of the above solutions is working, uninstall your Instagram app and reinstall it. Sometimes you can’t update your app without reinstalling it because the play store doesn’t show you update app notification.
  7. Sometimes Instagram gives error on one specific device. Try uploading your profile picture from another device. If you don’t have other devices, try using an android emulator. You can also change your Instagram profile picture on pc.

If none of the above solutions is working, you can try this last solution to change your Instagram profile picture with your PC.

How to change your Instagram profile picture on PC

Here are some simple steps to do it

  1. Open your chrome or any other web browser

  2. Log in to your Instagram account

  3. Left-click and select ‘’inspect element’’

  4. From top menu, select “toggle device toolbar” or press Cntrl +Shift + M from keyboard. Then click on your profile picture until you see three options. Click ‘’change profile picture’’ from these options and select your new profile. This should fix your issue!

Out of all these solutions, the most effective one is to edit your Instagram profile picture and then submit it.

If you are still unable to change your profile picture, mention your problem below with screenshots or detail and we’ll try to fix your problem.