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Buying instagram comments can be hard for many instagram users. But besides being hard to get real comments on instagram, it’s really important to have comments on your instagram stories, pictures and videos. Wondering why? Here are top most reasons why you should have comments on your instagram post






How to Buy Instagram Comments?

Buy instagram comments

This is a very easy task anyone can do it easily

  1. Select Required Service

    Select the required service random or custom

  2. Enter Your Username

    Enter your username in the order form if you choose and want to buy “random Instagram comments” you done here just follow 3rd step now but if you want to buy Custom Instagram comments enter comments in the field.

  3. Process Your Order

    Now process your order and pay your invoice that’s it!

Why Instagram Comments Are Important


  • If you have great number of followers with no comments on you pictures, your account looks like a scam. Comments give you credibility and you look more real if you have at least 2 to 10 comments per 100 likes on your pictures and video 
  • People scroll to the comment section when they visit your posts. Sometimes people add replies to already published comments, sometimes they are just interested to know ‘’what people say about you’’ 
  • Comments increase your post engagement which will automatically boost your post on instagram, driving it more likes, views and reactions. 
  • Instagram comments let you build business relation with other companies, people and even customers. Comments provide more information about you or your product/service. 
  • Instagram comments give you feedback about your product or service. You can always make improvements if your followers are telling you what’s good in your product and what needs to be improved through comment section!

Why you should purchase instagram comments?

If you’re running a business or personal instagram account, you need comments for many reasons. Comments reflect your post engagement and boost your instagram followers indirectly. 

It can also help beginners to get more comments from their followers. 

  1.  Most of the instagram comments that you receive after making a purchase are not one word comments that make no sense. Comments are more likely to be detailed review of your product or expressions why they love your content. 
  2. Buying instagram comments is another way of getting reviews on your product or service. You know well how important reviews are! 
  3.  When you buy instagram followers, you don’t need to tag anyone or ask them to comment on your post, it’s super easy to purchase comments instead of doing all that hard work for few comments. 
  4.  You get as many as 1000 comments for lower price like 10$. This is incredibly beneficial for your business promotion. 
  5. When you purchase comments, you have control over them. You don’t need to worry about your reputation; you’ll get positive reviews if you want with some critical ones to make it look more real. 
  6.  Your business profile looks organized, responsive and interacting with comments! 
  7. Purchasing instagram comments is like purchasing more views, likes and followers. When someone comments on your post, their comment is seen my many other people. Driving potential customers to your profile.

Why buy instagram comments with

We deliver what we claimed to deliver! Here is why you need to choose us when buying instagram comments. 

  • We boost your instagram account with our effective marketing strategies. E.g if you are running a business page of pharmaceutical company, your business profile will be seen by users of other pharmaceutical companies that are well recognized or have number of followers. 
  • Comments that you purchase from are not from automated accounts. We guarantee 100% real comments. 
  •  At, you don’t need to put your account details like password. We need only username to deliver you comments. 
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  • We provide comments on both old and new posts. You don’t need to re-upload your old posts. Comments will be added to all posts to maintain a balance on your profile. 
  • You’ll get double benefits with our service! You’ll get same number of likes as comments on you instagram pictures and videos. 
  • Comments that we provide don’t decrease with time or after your package duration ends. They’ll stick to your account as long as you entertain them. 
  • Unlike most of instagram comment services, we don’t provide you fake comments that disappear after sometime because they’ve been blocked by instagram! Our team knows all your concerns and we’ve worked for years to work out marketing plan like this to provide you real comments.

How Can I Buy Comments for One Photo or Comment?

Random instagram comments

This is an excellent service we have. If you purchase our Real Instagram Comments service, these comments will come from real people, from our team. That is why you should Buy Real Instagram Comments If you could get on that page, you’d get at least tens of thousands of followers in one day, and it’d happen organically. 



Where to Buy Instant Instagram Comments?

buy Random instagram comments

You don’t need to look for an option for this. Because you’re in the right place right now. At you have many options for this:

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Our features 

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