Buying Instagram followers can help beginners grow fast. There are many services online from where you can buy followers at affordable prices, but the internet is full of misleading about buying Instagram followers. In this article, I will tell you why you don’t need to believe in those myths and how to buy Instagram followers wisely. 

7 Misleading About Buying Instagram Followers

1. Purchased followers don’t work

This is the most common myth about Instagram followers that they are not active and you won’t get likes or comments if you buy followers. Well, this is a half-truth. You can actually get active followers if you keep posting content regularly and follow other techniques as well (read how to retain purchased followers) (Buy Instagram Followers )

2. It Looks Fake

People think that their accounts would look fake with millions of followers. Truth is, people trust popular pages and the number of followers is directly proportional to your credibility.

3. It is illegal to buy followers

Buying followers is considered illegal. But in the real sense, it’s another type of marketing where your page is boosted to get followers through different ad campaigning. The only problem is that Instagram followers are cheap to buy and more people are attracted to cheap followers rather than expensive marketing solutions which cost you more money and results are also not promised. Those big businesses tend to spread misinformation to cover their loss!

4. It is expensive

Don’t believe in anything before you see the actual market. Instagram followers have never been expensive. They are cheaper than you think. You can 1000 followers in 10$ approximately and so on.

5. Instagram will ban your account

While it’s true that Instagram strictly acts on fakes and bots but it all depends on your company. If you are buying followers from a company that follows Instagram TOS, you never get banned “like us”. All you need is just be careful and try purchasing small quantities before investing a big amount. You should also check how the company works to get satisfaction about purchasing followers.

Even many celebrities purchase followers to get more fame. They never got banned because they chose the right company.

6. Followers don’t last longer

You may have heard this before that purchased followers don’t last more than a month. This happens in every case even if you have earned followers steadily. This is because people don’t try to engage their followers and focus on getting more. They don’t provide content. Your followers will just unfollow you and follow someone who provides content on a daily basis.

7. Instagram Followers Are Bots

Instagram is taking strict action on bots and blocks an account that comes with fake information. You don’t need to worry about it because Instagram immediately blocks fake accounts; followers that you’ll be getting retain on your account and don’t go anywhere as long as you entertain them.

 Best Way To Know Whether It Works Or Not. 

If you still are confused about purchasing Instagram followers, do a little research and find people who are using these services. If it’s hard for you, try making a little purchase of few bucks on your other account and see if it works. If you are satisfied with the results, try it on your actual account and rock on Instagram with no worries!