Instagram has become a popular marketing tool with 800 million active users across the globe. It just takes few easy steps to make your online presence on Instagram.  People gain some followers at the beginning but then they start losing them because sometimes it becomes hard to maintain your posts per day especially if you have a busy life or if you don’t have an Instagram manager to maintain your post ratio per day. 

This ultimately gives your followers no reason to follow you and they just unfollow you. 

This can be avoided if you schedule your posts. Your content will be published even you don’t log in to your Instagram account. While instagram doesn’t have a default setting to schedule your posts, many third-party apps can help you do this to retain your followers without doing regular posting. You can just put all your posts in queue and leave the rest on these apps.

Here are the top three apps that can help you to schedule your instagram posts. 

  1. Take off
  2. Latergrame
  3. Schedugram

Take Off

Take off is on the top of my list for three reasons

  1. It doesn’t work like a robot but rather a reminder. It won’t post anything without your permission even if it is scheduled to be posted. It sends you a notification that takes your instagram account where you can choose to publish the post or just cancel the schedule if you change your mind. It also reminds you to add any filters if needed. 
  2. Most obvious reason to like this app is that it works as an analytical tool. It suggests you the best time to publish your post (time when most users are active) to enhance your post reach. 
  3. This app gets you the keywords that are most popular and are relevant to your content. Keywords matter everywhere to catch the potential audience. Take off will also analyze your caption hashtags.

It is available for both Android and iOS and also comes with desktop version if you use instagram on desktop. 

Premium version which costs you only 9$ allows you to manage multiple instagram accounts and gives you multiple users access. Get this premium version if you run an office or you have a small business. 


Latergame is a free scheduling app to schedule your Instagram posts and story photos.

  • It also includes multiple account access in free version and required no notification to publish your posts.
  •  It automatically posts your content that you set for that content. 
  • Using this app, you can also preview your feed to see how it looks. 
  • You can also use a visual calendar to start instagram post scheduling in no time. 
  • It labels your content so that you can easily organize all your posts and search them up whenever needed.
  •  It operates using Instagram Graph API so your account is safe and you won’t get into any trouble for automatic posting. 


This is the easiest scheduling app that allows you to schedule unlimited posts in a single click.

Unlike other scheduling apps, it has image editing capabilities with filters, doodles, frames, overlays and adds text options. You can also automatically pop up your hashtags in your first comment with this app.  This is actually productive and you can save hours of manual posting and making the first comments.